T-Boz and her family are demanding justice after her cousin was shot and killed by police in a fatal standoff.

T-Boz spoke out about where she felt the police had gone wrong after they shot and killed her mentally ill cousin, Eddie Russell Jr., firing 17-20 rounds at him.

“My cousin, Anita Johnson, his mother, she’s going to sue the Peoria Police Department, and she should, because it’s unjust,” she told TMZ. “The crime doesn’t fit the punishment.”

“People can actually murder people and still breathe and walk out with the cops,” she pointed out before comparing that truth to her cousin: “This child had a nonviolent record, never hurt anyone ever in his life, he was mentally ill.”

She then blasted police for not knowing how to deal with her cousin: “The police aren’t equipped to deal with mentally ill patients.”

T-Boz continued on to criticize “so many different stories and lies” being put out by the police in this case as well as the absurdity of being shot 18 times. She admitted that, “Okay, if he came toward you, I understand, yes, you fear for your life, but 18? No.” She also later pointed out that it was hard to believe the story that Russell was walking toward police when they shot him in the back of the head.

“When stuff like this happens, I just don’t understand why you would even have an AR-15 at a crime like that,” she added before criticizing the police for having “used his mom to tell him to come out.”

“Any child that hears their mom, I don’t care how old you are, you’re gonna come,” she said.