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Hong Kong is in the midst of a housing crisis. As prices begin to rise and the city grows denser, some have resorted to living in the smallest of spaces. 

Since 2012, photographer Benny Lam has been documenting the housing situation in Hong Kong by focusing his camera on what have become known as “coffin homes” or “coffin cubicles.” Some of these homes are as small as 20 square feet, and most have no windows. Diseases can easily spread among the more than 200,000 people that live in the tight quarters of these homes. 

With help from the Society for Community Organization, which fights for human rights in Hong Kong, Lam has been able to exhibit his work and help spread the word about these dangerous living conditions. See some of this photos below. 

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Lam’s series is titled “Trapped.”

His work was recently recognized by Prix Pictet, a photography award that highlights work documenting environmental sustainability issues.

Hong Kong does not have much land that is suitable for development, and the city is getting denser.

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