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The Extraordinary Sal Masekela Talks Lollapalooza, Too $hort & Mentoring The Young [Interview]

Source: Sal Masekela Management

We sat down with the music and extreme sports giant to talk about his work with Red Bull TV, Too $hort and mentoring kids.

A native New Yorker, Selema Mabena Masekela, better known around the industry as Sal Masekela, has cultivated a 20-plus-year career at the forefront of entertainment and culture. You might remember seeing him as the host of the ESPN X Games or more recently as the go-to-guy for Red Bull TV or even just the guy that everyone in the game seems to know by first name.

For us, Sal remains a friend to the site, and a personal inspiration to this writer here. As we originally spoke back around Lollapalooza, Sal Masekela has a wealth of knowledge and insight that made him the face of modern day action sports and entertainment. Others who might be older than our typical reader know of Sal Masekela as the son of South African jazz legend Hugh Masekela.

Never using his family’s history as a step up or a crutch, Sal created his own way outside of just being on television and at a concert venue near you. As you can read in our exclusive sit down with the extraordinary Sal Masekela, @Okayplayer talks about his work with Red Bull, Too $hort and his company that mentors young kids.

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