Healthiest Halloween Candy

Healthy versions of your favorite junk foods can be great alternatives to the real deal. When it comes to indulging in the real thing, however, it’s always good to know the nutrition content. Halloween candy is no different so we ranked your favorite treats from least to most healthiest.  

INSIDER spoke with registered dietitian Lisa DeFazio about how best to rank the sweets. She agreed that the sugar, calories, and fat are the best numbers to look at to determine how “healthy” these candies are.

We then did some investigative reporting: going to grocery store after grocery store to read the nutrition labels on the most common Halloween treats. We then compared the information for one serving size of either the fun, snack, or mini size available for each of your favorite sweets. It’s also important to note that this ranking doesn’t consider other relevant factors like sodium, protein, and fiber.

When it comes to making the healthiest candy choices, DeFazio recommended going for candies that have low to no fat. Typically, that means fruit-flavored hard or chewy treats. 

See where your favorite chocolate, gummy, and hard candies rank below.  

22. Twix

If the nutritional breakdown isn’t enough to scare you away frm this treat, the dental damages will. According to Prevention, caramel can easily get stuck between the teeth and cause plaque build-up. So if you do enjoy a Twix, remember to floss and brush your teeth afterwards. 

21. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

The peanut butter is what give this candy its high calorie and fat content. That said, it also gives the candy some extra protein — 5 grams per serving, to be exact. 

20. Peanut M&M’s

What keeps Peanut M&M’s from being the “least healthy” treat are the peanuts. These additions give the candy a protein boost — 3 grams per serving, to be specific. This will help full you up faster, making you less likely to plow through the entire trick-or-treat haul. 

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