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Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images

Venezuelan President Thought Nobody Was Looking When He Pulled Out An Empanada

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro got so hungry during a live broadcast to his starving nation of people on Thursday that he pulled an empanada out of his desk drawer and started chomping away.  The president has already been mocked for gaining weight throughout a time where his nation is dealing with a starvation crisis, and this definitely didn’t make his case any better. Maduro didn’t know that the cameras were still on him when he took a big bite of his desk empanada, looking around suspiciously before he dug in.


To be fair, Maduro’s state-mandated broadcasts can last hours, but his country continues to suffer from poverty, starvation and a medicine shortage–so addressing them is definitely not the time to eat your own lunch.


Almost daily, protesters demand relief from an economic crisis that has left the country burdened by the highest inflation rate in the world—according to Business Insider, a striking 254.9 percent. Stagnant wages and high inflation on all items, including empanadas, have forced some who were once doctors to become sex workers. The lack of medicines have forced some citizens to leave the country, which could lead to the spread disease in other nations.