Texas Longhorns Locker Room

The key to winning in college football is a good coach and top-notch recruiting. Texas thinks they have the former in new coach Tom Herman, and he has a leg up on the latter thanks to a new locker room.

The University of Texas recently spent $10 million renovating their athletic center and $7 million of that went to the football locker room alone. That renovation included new custom-designed lockers that cost about $8,700 each. 

The new bells and whistles will certainly impress any high school recruits who walk through.

Below we take a closer look at the locker room and the lockers. 

You enter the locker room by pulling on the Longhorns logo.

A lot of locker rooms have the team logo on the floor. The Longhorns now have a glowing Bevo on the ceiling. Can’t step on that.

There are signs with the program’s “core values,” which includes “treat women with respect.”

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