Three brothers in Texas are accused of luring a popular 18-year-old high school student to his death.

Kyle Garrison 17, Tyee Garrison 18 and Sean Garrison 23, all from White Settlement are being held on $200,000 bond while they await arraignment for capital murder.

Police believe that Olesko and Sean Garrison were acquaintances and set plans to meet on September 18. Sean, along with his brothers met with the victim with the intention of robbing him. During the robbery, Olesko was shot and killed.

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Police found him lying in a driveway while they were responding to a possible suicide call.

According to witnesses, Olesko was spending time with friends when he went to the front of the home to meet with someone. The friends heard a gunshot and ran to the front of the home where they saw Olesko laying on the ground not moving. One witness called 911.

The witnesses did not see anyone fleeing the scene.