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Speculation Grows Over What Broke Up Tamar And Vince

There’s new speculation about what broke up Tamar Braxton and her hubby Vincent Herbert. As previously reported Tamar filed for divorce from Vince after 9 years of marriage.

Details are skimpy but Tamar reportedly subtweeted about her unhappiness in her coupledom just weeks before. Now people are wondering what really went wrong between the songstress and her manager/hubby.

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According to TheJasmineBrand who spoke with a source, several things played a factor in the couple’s split.The publication reports that they heard the couple had “lots of fighting, lots of yelling and lots of threats” but put on a united front in public.

As previously reported we broke the news that they had an altercation in Atlanta and police were called.

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The site also adds that Vince’s financial issues played a role in their split. We’ve reported several times that Vince owed the IRS millions of dollars. He also was recently ordered to pay Sony $3,471,685.

“Tamar wasn’t aware of some of the business issues that Vince had. He doesn’t know how to manage money. One time their house almost went into foreclosure. She had no idea. One of her sisters found out, told Tamar and she took care of it.”

There are also rumors that Vince’s weight loss surgery was an issue as well.

“She’s always been super sensitive about Vince’s health. She wasn’t in 100% agreement that he should get it done. He went ahead and did it anyway.”

Mind you Vince went from looking like this…

to THIS.

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He also, however, had health scares including a 40-day hospital stay and induced coma in 2012 for blood clots in his lungs. With that in mind, it makes sense that Tamar would be less than thrilled about him having surgery.

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What do YOU think broke up Tamar and Vince???