Tyrese has just announced that he is working on a rap album that he claims will “change hip-hop.”

“[…] Jay’s spirit, PAC’s Soul and Sonically Dre’s Ears,” he wrote in the caption of a photo of him with Jay Z and RCA Records’ Mark Pitts. “I know your first instincts is to say GTFOH put me in the (Singer and Actor box and throw away the key)…but you will see folks very very soon that this rap album is far from play play.”

— Stacy Francis says Rihanna should apologize to Chris Brown for infamous assault — 

He also previewed a track that will likely be on the album, writing, “BlackTy feat Future this is an early reference #GhostWriter when will I drop – no one knows…… I will be pressing play at the #RocNation offices soon.”

The announcement was met with mixed reaction, especially since he had said that his 2015 album, would be his “gift” and his last music for his fans.

Still, in the middle of his feud with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, it looks like Tyrese is mixing things up a little.

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