• Smith & Sinclair makes edible cocktails that are based on drinks made from rum, whisky, vodka, and gin.
  • Each edible cocktail has the alcohol content of half of a shot.
  • While we found the idea interesting, we had mixed feelings about them overall.


To many people, the idea of “edible alcohol” is limited to homemade jello shots or gummy bears soaked in vodka that never quite turn out the way you hoped. Smith & Sinclair hopes to change that. 

The idea behind the London-based startup grew out of a “date night” event that the company’s founders, Melanie Goldsmith and Emile Bernard, held for singles. At the event, they used board games as a way to break the ice, but they found that people had a difficult time holding drinks while playing the games.

Bernard started experimenting with jelly-based, edible cocktail recipes that would be less cumbersome than traditional drinks. The edible cocktails were a hit at the date nights, which led Goldsmith and Bernard to turn their experiment into a business.

Now, their company, Smith & Sinclair, sells edible cocktails in eight flavors and ships them around the world. We tried each flavor to see if they could replace cocktails. 

See what we had to say below.

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Smith & Sinclair offers edible cocktails based on drinks made from whisky, gin, rum, and vodka.

We ordered the “Large Mixed Selection,” which costs $50.59 for a customer in the US.

That means there are two of each of the company’s eight flavors.

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