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Wendy Williams Kevin Hunter

Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Wendy Williams’ Husband Photographed With Alleged Mistress THIS WEEK

SMH. If Wendy Williams didn’t have enough to contend with after passing out on camera and dealing with public ridicule from 50 Cent, her husband Kevin Hunter was PHOTOGRAPHED with his alleged mistress, Sharina Hudson, this Monday, picking her up from a Manhattan office building after a workout before driving back to the New Jersey — possibly to the home that bears both their names on the mailbox, according to DailyMailTV reports.

Ironically, DailyMail reports that Hunter was seen dropping off his wife, Wendy Williams on Tuesday morning at her TV studio in the same red Bentley SUV that Hudson had climbed into the day before.

Despite Wendy boldly declaring her loyalty to Hunter, DailyMail reports that insiders close to Wendy say she’s been acting melancholy since the cheating reports hit the news. The tabloid also claims that both staff and her friends are disappointed that Williams is standing by her man instead of kicking him curbside.

The source said: ‘The entire staff were rooting for Wendy when we watched the DailyMailTV story. We hoped that this would be her much needed exit card from her toxic marriage.

‘What nobody can understand is why Wendy doesn’t boot him to the curb. She doesn’t need him. He does nothing for her but drag her down. This show would be a much better place if he never came back to the studio.

‘I mean he bought this woman a house, his name is on her letterbox, when is the humiliation going to be enough for Wendy to call time on this marriage?’

What would you do if you were Wendy?

Should the fact that he’s so disliked at work make her decision any easier?

Another source added: ‘Kevin is not an easy guy to be around or work with. Everyone from the most junior production staffer to the executives at Debmar want to deal only with Wendy. No one wants Kevin anywhere near the show or Wendy.

‘Wendy needs to realize that she doesn’t need Kevin and that it is Kevin that needs her. She would be much better off with him gone from her life entirely.’

‘She’s not the same bubbly person that she typically is. She looks very sad and is extremely subdued. It’s been painful to watch,’ another insider explained.

They continued: ‘No one is sure whether she already knew of Kevin’s affair or was shocked by the news. Whatever the case, she is more embarrassed the veil has been lifted off her life.

The woman who gossips about everyone else’s life for a living is now making headlines of her own.’

Meanwhile it doesn’t look like things are cooling off for Hunter and Hudson AT ALL. As we previously reported, Hudson has been photographed wearing a large diamond ring on her engagement finger and sources says he’s with Hudson 3-4 times a week, sometimes even spending the night with her:

‘They go to the gym together, they go out to restaurants together as if they’re a normal couple. But then he goes home to Wendy as if everything is normal there, too. He’s living a double life.’

Hudson is reportedly under pressure as well, with her parents wanting her to split ties with Kevin until he ends his marriage.

A source said:

‘Her parents don’t like the situation, they want him to step up and leave his wife and commit his future to Sharina. They want grandchildren.’

‘Kevin has told Sharina that he will choose her eventually, but her family think he’s just stringing her along.’

Kevin loves Sharina just as much as he loves his wife so it’s difficult for him to let go of either of them,’ the source added.
‘Sharina has put a lot of pressure on him to leave Wendy and he has made certain promises, but will he follow through?’

SMH. It’s been ten years though boo. Do you think it’s time for her to give it up? Or do you think Wendy will finally let him go? This situation is sooooo messy!