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Anthony L. Jolly, Jr. - Board Member - Tenant Director

Anthony Jolly, black man, expert barista, entrepreneur, husband and father. In 2012, Anthony began his green coffee career with Ninety Plus Coffee, a global green specialty coffee distribution powerhouse. At Ninety Plus, Anthony learned how to analyze coffee at the specialty level. After a year of on the job training, Ninety Plus Coffee sent Anthony to Ethiopia to foster relationships with coffee producers and cooperatives. Anthony lived in Ethiopia for a year searching for the best coffee Ethiopia had to offer and creating personal relationships with several private coffee farm owners. He worked with local farmers and agronomists to enhance the quality of green coffee beans to specialty standards to attract premium wholesale processes and increase coffee yields. He also learned about every aspect of the coffee bean business: planting, growing, harvesting, drying, exporting, selling green coffee, and roasting. In 2012, Anthony imported his first 8 containers of specialty grade coffee, which were distributed globally to over 10 different countries.

In 2013, Anthony parted ways with Ninety Plus to work independently, becoming one of the first people of color in the independent coffee importing business. He remained in Ethiopia for months, expanding his relationships with coffee growers throughout the country and perfecting the art of coffee harvesting and drying. Anthony's latest project was co-producing Karkarsa Coffee from the Anfillo region, which comes from a woman-owned farm with 100-year-old coffee trees on 50 hectares of land. Anthony was the first to import and distribute Karkarsa into the United States.

Additionally, Anthony has nearly 20 years of experience in the coffee and retail industries, including build-out, opening from the ground-up, concept creation, marketing, management, training, general operations, and everyday procedures. He has more than 8 years of experience owning an independent coffee business with multiple revenue streams, including living on and sourcing from single estate farms, importing, roasting, and wholesale and retail sales, including internationally. He has diversified his coffee business to include import and export, roasting, retail, and unique RTD coffee beverages.

Currently, Anthony owns Hot & Cool Café in Leimert Park, Los Angeles.

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