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Dr. Dove – Board Member - Tenant Director

President and Chairman of CORE Los Angeles and Founder of Los Angeles Martin Luther King Jr. Parade

The Congress of Racial Equality of California (CORE-CA) is a successor to the Chicago based Civil Rights CORE organization founded in 1942 by the late James Farmer, and a group of Quaker pacifists to launch an aggressive assault on nationwide racial injustice during World War II. CORE immediately became one of the big three organizations in the Civil Rights movement that changed America in the 20th Century. CORE’s original predecessor Agency was the most aggressive of all three and the first to use non-violence. It was CORE that invented the Freedom Rides and the Sit-ins in the 40’s and 50’s. It was CORE that first brought non-violence into the Montgomery Bus Boycott that would be led by Dr. King.

It was the CORE vanguard of Freedom Fighters such as Schwerner, Goodman and Chaney and Viola Liuzzo, whose work in the Southern Voter Registration mid-century wars who braved arrests, beatings and even sacrificed their lives in the 1950’s and 60’s. In the North we focused on securing Equal Employment Opportunity and access to Fair Housing and Equal Education at all levels. While we helped achieve creation of Federal and State Agencies to pursue Fair Housing, Equal Employment and Education, CORE-CA continues to monitor their effectiveness while maintaining the lead ourselves in the struggle to combat Abuse of Police Authority and Education as a Civil Right for our youth.

CORE-CA today also leads in the critical struggle to eliminate rising tensions between Black and Hispanic youths. CORE-CA is engaged in research on the definition of Race and elimination of tensions. CORE-CA today places a heavy emphasis on building self-esteem and the nurturing of test taking ability among African American Cohort students who have become increasingly excluded from admission to College and University and 21st century jobs and business development opportunities. In these regards CORE-CA collaborates with all elements of the public and private sector to achieve these goals.

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