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Eric Ade Neff – Board Member – Tenant Director

There are three fields that Ade manages that have something very important in common: the importance of body movement dynamics and how it’s influenced by environment.

Ade is the co-founder and resident DJ of Utopia, a social event that has quickly grown into one of the most distinct and sought-after events to attend in Los Angeles. Utopia is a sustainable party with a purpose, hosted throughout the year in various locations with impact across the world. These events are free to the public, and welcome people of any race, ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation - dance is therapeutic and healing!

Ade is also the owner of Ride On! Bike Shop & Co-Op located in the heart of Leimert Park. While not only passionate about bicycles, he believes that bikes offer a simple solution to many of our communities’ complex problems. His mission is to encourage cycling as an outlet for improving one's personal health and the health of our environment. Bikes can help save money on transportation and can provide endless miles of fun with family and friends.

Ade holds a Master of Arts in the field of Urban Sustainability with an Undergraduate Degree in Community Development, both from Antioch University of Los Angeles. He has experience in crowdfunding campaigns, organizing and supporting various programs in the neighborhood.

He has over eighteen years of significant and progressive experience in developing a wide range of community programs in the South Los Angeles area. Nearly 20 years ago, Ade founded the Capoeira Angola Center in Los Angeles with the vision of providing both education and health benefits to diverse groups of citizens living in the community. This commitment to community service has been publicly acknowledged through various awards from the L.A. Treasures and the County of Los Angeles.

While he is a current Los Angeles resident, he is also a native of Haiti and continues to use his voice to uplift and support initiatives for immigrants within the entrepreneurial space.

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