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Esché Jackson – Board Member – Extended Community Director

Ms. Esché Jackson, Vice Chair, Board of Supervisors At-Large

Esché Jackson is an advocate and consultant, offering years of diverse experience building and servicing communities, evaluating systems, and providing strategic guidance to c-suite executives and leaders across the local government, private and non-profit sectors. Esché serves as Vice Chair of the Los Angeles County Probation Oversight Commission, HR Professional & Operations Manager at Yorn Levine et al. Law Firm, and Board Member of the Anti-Recidivism Coalition. Her professional philosophy is that the more people-centered the approach, the healthier the organization and outcomes are.

Esché is a proud Leimert Park native who sees the region as a locus of opportunity, promise, and cultural wealth. As the neighborhood transforms, she becomes more invested in protecting its identity and ensuring that African Americans responsible for shaping the community sustain ownership, equity, and inclusion.

A two-time USC graduate (most recently earning a Master’s in Public Administration and Public Policy), she endeavors to positively impact institutional policies and practices while ending systemic injustices toward disadvantaged populations and promoting education.

We are a black owned and operated
Community Land Trust planning an
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