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Genelle Brooks-Petty – Board Member – Attendant Director

The owner of All Chill, Genelle Brooks-Petty, mixed her passion for the sweet treat with her connection to the community.
“It’s a little piece of joy. Little reflections of the culture that they live with and find happiness in all of those pieces,” said Brooks-Petty.

She is a fourth-generation Leimert Park resident. After meeting her husband, Julian Petty, at Howard University, they decided to raise their family here. Brooks-Petty noticed they had to keep leaving the neighborhood for something as simple as ice cream. So, even though she’s an interior designer by trade and Petty an attorney for Warner Music, they decided to make their busy lives even busier.

It doesn’t end here. All Chill is technically still in its pop-up phase. Right now, the husband and wife duo is building a kitchen on-site and will have a permanent set up, hopefully by the summer. They want people in the Leimert Park community and beyond to taste their fresh ice cream and partake in cultural conversations.

“Get something that makes them feel happy and that they find something interesting or someone interesting to engage with while here,” said Brooks-Petty.

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