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Rene Mims – Board Member - Tenant Director

Rene Fisher-Mims is a community leader, entrepreneur, philanthropist and educator in Leimert Park for over 30 years. Originally from Watts, Mims is a fundamental pillar at The World Stage and in Leimert Park. As a musician and songwriter - Mims has facilitated traditional African Diaspora Music programming, as well as other genres to curate a multifaceted environment for learning through the arts. Over the course of her life, Mims has dedicated her time and expertise to building community through the arts.

Rene Fisher-Mims established S.H.I.N.E. MUWASI (in the hands of God), with an intent & purpose to spread the knowledge of West African Drum culture to women in the community. With a vision of healing, empowering, caring, and inspiring women to play the instruments of their African descent, SHINE wishes to pass on the wisdom to those who desire to gain awareness of this culture through teaching, and performing in different areas. Performances for concerts, black history programs, churches, shows, and private parties are many tools used by SHINE in an effort to show the wonderful joy of women drummers and musicians.

We are a black owned and operated
Community Land Trust planning an
building acquisition in Leimert Park.
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